Commercial Helicopter Pilots License

Holding a commercial pilots license allows you to use your new skills to earn money. As a commercial pilot you will be directly responsible for transporting passengers and property in a variety of tasks ranging from Aerial Photography flights to collecting Christmas trees using a long line.

After completing your private pilots license, it is normal for students wishing to pursue helicopter flying as a career to continue flying by building hours towards their Commercial Pilots Certificate. We recommend during your hour building towards the commercial certificate you acquire your Instrument Pilot Rating. Currently within the industry the entry level jobs require a commercial pilot applying for a position to hold an instrument rating to qualify for that post. It is very cost effective to complete your instrument rating as you must achieve a total flight time of 150hrs of which 100hrs must have been pilot-in-command (PIC).

For this reason rotor aviation tries to ensure that students wishing to continue flying towards their commercial license, complete their Private Pilots License prior to 60hrs of flight time. Once the student holds a Private Pilots License then every hour flown counts towards this 100hrs pilot-in-command time.

Commercial Helicopter Pilots License hours breakdown:

150hrs total flight time.

100hrs of Pilot-in-Command flight time.

50hrs of which must be in Helicopters.

10hrs of Instrument Flight experience.

1 Written Examination.

1 Combined Flight and Oral Test.

To act as a commercial pilot you are required to hold a valid Class 2 medical certificate, this certificate would be required of crop dusters, charter pilots, corporate pilots, and anyone else who flies commercially. The certificate is good for 1 year for commercial activities and 2 or 3 years for private pilot use.

If you already hold a airplane certificate/rating, you many be able to reduce your course cost if you are able to count your accrued time towards an "Add-on Helicopter Certificate" or skip the private and attain a commercial directly.

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